About Islamic Azad University-Sanandaj Branch



Islamic Azad university was founded in 1982 in Iran and its branch was opened in Sanandaj in 1983. This university is considered as one of the most important center for studying, training and education in Kurdistan Province. It is ranked as one of the important university within Iran .This university is generally very active in all fields of knowledge, teaching and education, research and invention. It is offering associate, undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD degree programs in different fields of studies. At present, it has 16000 students within Kurdistan province. 12000 of them are studying in Sanandaj branch. The university has 7 faculties and a polytechnic college known as SAMA­­.

There are 238 fields of studies with 590 professors and faculty members. This university is located within a vast area in different districts of Sanandaj. It has several educational establishments on the campus presenting scientific, studying services. Each of them has been dedicated to related faculties.

The University has seven faculties. They include

- Faculty of Human Sciences

- Faculty of Basic Science

- Faculty of Agriculture and Natural Sources 

- Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

- Faculty of Technological Engineering and Art

- Faculty of Educational Science and Psychology

- Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery

During past years, the office for international scientific relations has developed a considerable bond with other countries. And now it has offices in 16 foreign countries.There is also exchange of information and experience with those countries .Based on this framework, Islamic Azad university of Sanandaj has a close relationship with the ministry of higher education of Kurdistan Region and its universities. At present, a great number of foreign students from Kurdistan Region are studying at Azad university of Sanandaj at different levels of associate, undergraduate, postgraduate and PhD. This relationship is continuously expanding due to mutual cultural, geographical backgrounds of the two countries, low cost of living in Sanandaj and acceleration in student admission by both sides. Similarly, scientific  growth  and the efficient services of the host university is increasing more and more, so  a new horizon for the university will be anticipated in the  near future and its  branch is expected to be opened in Kurdistan Region of Iraq soon.