Bureau of International Affairs


From international point of view Islamic Azad University has been very active and efficient in educational and scientific areas since its establishment. Now, it has branches and authorized offices in 16 countries and its number is increasing within past years. Based on this framework, Islamic Azad University of Sanandaj also took firm action to boost its international relation. So, in this respect; the university has paid high attention to scientific development, professors and students.

The university had highest degree of relationship with Ministry of Higher Education and its universities in Kurdistan Region of Iraq. There are mutual cooperation and agreements between them. Now, there are a great number of foreign students from Kurdistan Region who are studying at Azad university. Under the signed agreements mentioned above, the Kurdish Foreign students are continuing their higher education at levels of PhD, and undergraduate and post-graduate at Azad university of Sanandaj.

To improve and expand the relationship between the two sides, a special office of Azad university of Sanandaj was opened in polytechnic university of Suleimania. In near future, a branch of Azad university will be established in Kurdistan Region after passing legal procedures.