Faculty of Veterinary Medicine


Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences, Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj Branch, has been located at the Veterinary and Agricultural Complex in 10 km of Sanandaj-Kermanshah Road, Kurdistan Province.

Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences has sixteen specialized laboratories, training classrooms, animal house  , dairy, poultry and fish farming, and milk pasteurization manufactory . The faculty accepts students in undergraduate of docter of veterinary medicine, M.Sc and postgraduate degrees in Engineering Sciences in Food Sciences,  Agronomy and Plant Breeding, Animal Science, Pasture and Watershed Management and Fisheries and the Environment.

The purpose of the establishment of this faculty has been to provide expert and skilled human resources for the provision of health services, medical and research services in various fields of medicine and agriculture, which will ensure the health of the individuals and society. Due to the extent and distribution of rangelands, aquatic areas and livestock population, the importance of this educational complex in the western part of the country has been doubled.

The faculty also has a scientific-research journal (large animal clinical research) whose articles are indexed in SID, IC, ISC, Magiran and CABI.

The graduates of veterinary doctoral degrees, Master's degree and Ph.D. specializing in agricultural engineering sciences graduate with a six-year, two-year, and four-year, graduate course, with the passing of the research paper by obtaining a degree in veterinary doctorate and a M.Sc and Ph.D. specialist in agricultural engineering sciences.

Faculty members of this faculty are also very active in research activities and the results of their research in the field of animal diseases, animal health and public health have beneficial effects. In addition, this faculty has collaborated with many institutions and organizations such as The Ministry of Agriculture, The Veterinary Organization, The Natural Resources and Environment Agency, Razi Vaccine and Serology Research Institute, Agricultural Jihad Organization, University of Medical Sciences, and other initiatives. It has had joint educational, research and advisory services in various fields.