Kurdish Studies Center


This center was generally established in 2014 for the purpose of research and scientific activities on:

.Kurdish History

. Kurdish Language and Literature,

. Kurdish Sociology,

. Kurdish art and Architecture

. Kurdish Culture and civilization

It has five scientific sections which include following departments:

Kurdish language and literature, History and cultural heritage. International research,  sociology and economics.

Up to now, dozens of books and research papers have been printed in this respect .In addition, more festivals and seminars are other outstanding achievements gained by this center. Here are some of the books printed by Kurdish Studies Center:


- Zivari zman (Ornament of language)

-Rouzh -zhemeri sharek (Calendar of a town)

-A Kurdish translation of “Kelile o Demne”

-“Image of Kurdish folklore in Nalis’ poems”

-“History of Kurdish literature up to the begging of the First World War"

-Encyclopedia of Sanandaj

The works mentioned above are some examples of the accomplishments and the achievements gained by this center.

The center also supports all scientific activities and researches related to the above mentioned subjects and its aims.