Arez Nosratpoor

Electrical engineering - Electronic
Assistant Professor
Islamic Azad University of Sanandaj


  • PhD، Science and research branch Islamic Azad University ( - )

    Modeling and Analysis of semiconductor optical amplifier based on Photonic Crystal structure
  • MA_MSc، Islamic Azad University of Arak ( - )

    Simulation and analysis all optical logic gate using semiconductor optical amplifier
  • BA_BSc، University of Kurdistan ( - )

    Simulation and design wireless mobile charger

Research Activities



Optoelectronics - Photonic crystals structures - Semiconductor device- Optical Communication - Microelectronics

Head of Electrical engineering Department of Sanandaj Islamic Azad university

1- Registration of companies based on knowledge in Technology Incubator center Islamic Azad University of Sanandaj 2-Member of the Scientific Committee robotic competition Azad University of Sanandaj, And head of the League of Robots Simple and advanced routers 3-Member of the Scientific Committee robotic competition in Azad University of Sanandaj 4-Member of the arbitration committee and scientific committee in Science and Technology Park of Kurdistan 5-Member of Kurdistan organization for engineering order of building 6-Member of Photonic Research Group in university of Kurdistan

1- Applied Laser and Nanophysics Course Using Comsol Software 2- Mobile Foundation Basics

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