Nikta Tavananezhad

Community Midwifery
Department of Midwifery، Faculty of Medical Sciences, Islamic Azad University of Sanandaj, Pasdaran Blvd, Sanandaj, Kurdistan Province, Iran.


Research Activities



Delivery, Reproductive health, Maternal health, Social welfare of women, lifestyle, infants, child, adolescents, women of reproductive age, menopause, aging, gynecological diseases



Holding student workshop of "physical examination" Holding student workshop of "infection control" Holding student workshop of "Episiotomy" Holding Student Workshop of "Midwifery Emergencies" Holding student workshop on "child and adolescent sexual education" Participation in the "Educational Therapist of Sexual Dysfunction" course, Dr. Ali Azin Participation in the "Child and Adolescent Sexual Education" course, Dr. Arash Ramezani Participation in the "Mindfulness" course by Dr. Hassan Hamidpour Participating in the "Family Therapy" course, Dr. Baqer Sanayi Participation in the "Diagnosis and treatment of sexual problems" course by Dr. Mohammad Ali Besharat Participate in the "Sex consultation Based on the PLISSIT Model" course, Dr. effat merghati khoei. Participating in "Electronic Resources Research" Workshop Participation in the "Proposal Writing " Workshop Participation in the workshops of the Kurdistan University of Medical Sciences with 25 annual points: Refer to the Ministry of Health Continuing Medical Education website:

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