Bachelor of Architecture in order to perform general public attitudes, acquire the knowledge and ability to produce architectural works, review the architectural effects in a wide area including architectural design, building architecture, principles of maintenance and renovation of buildings, theories on creating spaces Human being is defined. Proposed courses in this field are at the base of such an attitude to serve design courses so that the architect at the time of playing a role in the field of professional or future research into general knowledge and skills applicable to various fields of this Achieve string. The Department of Architecture of Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj Branch, as one of the educational departments in the Faculty of Engineering with the help of qualified faculty members and relying on modern facilities and technologies, is active in the field of traditional architecture in the year 1380 began. Following the adoption of numerous fields in architecture and urban planning, these groups now have six fields including bachelor's degrees in architecture, architecture engineering, master's degree in architecture, urban planning master's degree, master's degree in Urban Design and Ph.D. in Architecture. A total of more than 700 students study in these fields.

Educational Goals & Objectives

In order to create a coherent structure for the curriculum that can assess the quality of the product of the courses that are actually measured by the efficiency of the graduates in the community, the following main objectives are presented:

  • To meet the needs of the country
  • Attention to the Iranian-Islamic architecture
  • Coordination with the international educational system

Graduates of this course can take part in the following areas based on the abilities they have acquired during the educating process:

  • Designing a single building or small biosecurity unit from the initial design to the operational stages of work and the design of components and constituent elements. This field of work by the architect is in fact his central task
  • Collaboration with the Architectural Consulting Engineers Group to develop plans and architectural plans for Phase I and II.
  • Supervision over the performance of work in construction operations
  • Participation in the management of architectural projects
  • Membership in the technical staff of the municipalities, the Department of Roads and Urban Development, the organization of engineering systems and similar organizations
  • Teaching in vocational courses as well as technical and vocational high schools and work-knowledge education

Fields approved by the Higher Education Planning Council

  • Bachelor's degrees in architecture
  • Architecture engineering
  • Master's degree in architecture
  • Urban planning master's degree
  • Master's degree in Urban Design
  • Ph.D. in Architecture

Faculty Members

Faculty Members of Architecture and Urban Planning Department are 8 people including Dr. Qader Bayzidi Director of Architecture and Urban Planning Department, Dr. Mohammad Azad Ahmadi Director of Architecture Bachelor, Dr. Arsalan Tahmasebi, Dr. Farzin Charejoo, Dr. Mohammad Reza Razavi, Dr. Kianoush Faraji, Dr. Elham Fatemi, and Engineer Behnam Rezvani.