Majors at Faculty of Humanities

MA of Persian Literature                     BA of Economic Science-                                                                 

MA of Business Administration-          Banking

  Financial management                        BA of Economic Science-

MA of Business Administration-          Industrial Economics

  International Business                        BA of Persian Literature

MA of Business Administration-          BA of Business Administration

  Insurance Management                         (Full-time)

MA of Business Administration-          BA of Business Administration

Development Management                    (Part-time)

MA of Business Administration-          BA of Industrial Management

Marketing                                           BA of Law

MA of Executive Management            BA of Accounting

BA of Social Science-                         BA of Economic Science-

 Social Research                                     Transportation

BA of Economic Science-                   AA of Customs Administration

 Theoretical Economics                       AA of Accounting (Full-time)

BA of Economic Science-                   AA of Accounting (Part-time)

Business Economics                            AA of  Office  Administration    

                                                          AA of Banking

Majors at Faculty of Nursing& Obstetrics

BS of Nursing and Obstetrics

BS of Obstetrics

Majors at Faculty of Veterinary Science

Professional PhD of Veterinary Science

BS of Laboratory Science

AA of Veterinary Science

Majors at Faculty of Basic Sciences


BS of Biology-     BS of Biology-cell

Microbiology        BS of Applied Chemistry

BS of Biology-      BS of Computer Science

Biochemistry          MS of Analytical Chemistry

Majors at Faculty of Technical Engineering

BS of Construction Engineering                  Industrial Engineering-         

(Full-time)                                                     Industrial& Production

BS of Construction Engineering                  Industrial Engineering-         

(Part-time)                                                     Analysis, Systemic Planning

AA of Public Works                                   BS of Mechanical Engineering-

AA of civil Engineering                                    Solid Waste

AA of Drainage-Hydraulics Engineering      BS of Mechanical Engineering-

AA of Architecture, Design                             Thermal& Fluids

AA of Dams& Networks                             AA of Electronic Engineering

AA of Urbanization                                      BS of Architectural Engineering

BS Drainage-Hydraulics Engineering            AA of Architecture

BS of Construction Engineering-                   AA of Classical Architecture

  Drainage-Hydraulics                                  Chemical Engineering-Food Industry

BS of IT Engineering                                    BS of Electricity& electronics

                                                                    BS of Computer Software


Majors at Faculty of Agriculture

AA of Herbal Product Technology                      AA of Livestock Products Technology

AA of Bioenvironmental Science                         AA of Livestock Management

AA of Fisheries                                                     MS of Livestock Science-

AA of Irrigation                                                     Livestock Feeding

BS of Irrigation                                                      BS of Fisheries

AA of Pasture& Watershed Management              BS of Environmental Engineering

BS of Natural Resources Engineering-                   MS of Agricultural Machinery       

Pasture& Watershed Management                          Mechanization

AA of Diary Science                                                BS of Fisheries Engineering

AA of Herbal Medicine

AA of Food Industries

AA of Food Materials Technology

BS of Food Industries

BS of Agricultural Engineering-

Food Industries

BS of Agricultural Engineering-

BS of Farming& Vegetation

BS of Agricultural Engineering-


BS of Herbal Products

BS of Agricultural Machinery Engineering

BS of Agricultural Engineering-

Livestock Science

BS of Livestock Products Engineering



Majors at Faculty of Psychology& Education

BS of Physical Education                        AA of Childcare services

BA of English Translation                       AA of Mathematics

AA of Physical Education

AA of Persian Literature

BA of Persian Literature

AA of Elementary Education

AA of Language Teaching

BA of Language Teaching

AA of Arabic

AA of Visual Arts& Graphics

Theater Arts-Directing

BA of Arabic

AA of Statistics

BA of Statistics

AA of Experimental Science

BA of Experimental Science

AA of Mathematical Science





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