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With regard to the importance of knowledge in the Islamic culture, the necessity of maintaining high status of higher education institutions, the pivotal role of the faculty members, employing qualified teachers with a strong belief in Islamic ideals and establishing a precedent for this, Supreme Faculty Staffing Committee has been established in accordance with regulations of which, enforced as of 2 meetings on 09/07/2007 and 29/04/2008 by Supreme Council of the Cultural Revolution, central faculty committee for Ministries of Science, Research and Technology and Medical Education, Treatment and Health , and faculty executive committees are called central faculty committee of ministries and executive faculty committees, respectively.

The Responsibilities of Faculty Committee

Recruiting qualified teachers as faculty members in accordance with regulations

Qualifications for Recruitment

Applicants are required to have the following qualifications:

-Iranian nationality

-adherence to an established religion as specified in constitutional law

-a strong belief in the Islamic Republic Government, its efficiency and religious democracy, and a disinclination to follow other political lines

-observing the constitutional law, jurisprudence authority principle and commitment to the Supreme Leadership

-familiarity with and commitment to Islamic commandments (both obligatory and recommended acts)

Note 1

The status quo of the applicant is considered as far as commitment to the Islamic commandments is concerned

Note 2

Unless their actions are a clear violation of Islamic commandments, religious minorities are exempted from this section.

-having no past record of taking hostile actions against the Islamic Republic Government and no previous one of joining anti-Islamic organizations

-engagement in good political and religious conduct, having no past records of drug abuse, penal conviction, disciplinary condemnation, debauchery, criminal conversation or conducts damaging occupational prestige

-observing trade law and having professional conduct (affidavit)

-enjoying both physical and mental health and having no serious defect of a limb

-having no legal problem regarding conscription

How to Send the Documents

1)      completing and sending the application forms: application forms (1, 20-25) can be downloaded from application forms and delivered to the secretariat at the local branch

2)      required documents: at this stage, the applicant is required to submit the draft documents and application forms to the secretariat at the local branch. The documents include

- application form

- copy of identity card

- copy of national ID card

- copy of certificate of discharge

- copy of university degrees (AA, BA, …)

- applicant’s résumé

The applicant is informed by the secretariat about the initial success of the application.

Required Documents to Be Sent after a Successful Application

1)       true copy of BA degree ( or a provisional certificate)

2)       true copy of BA mark-sheet

3)       certified copy of MA degree ( or a provisional certificate)

4)       true copy of MA mark-sheet

5)       certified copy of PhD degree ( or a provisional certificate)

6)       certified copy of PhD mark-sheet

7)      Copy of Identity card

8)      3×4 photo

9)      Copy of National Id card

10)  Copy of certificate of discharge (men)

11)  School certificate for scholarship applicants (free education or total fee must be included in the certificate)

12)  Written undertaking of the applicant’s unemployment in other institutes and organizations

13)  Completed application forms

14)  Self-sacrificing certificate including fighting on the front and Basij membership

15)  New permit by Personnel Department in case of employment

16)  Employment contract , in case of employment in higher education institutes

17)  Official notice in widely-circulated newspapers

18)  Original applicant description form (form 1)

19)  A brief life history of the applicant

20)  Certificate of retirement (for the retired)

Ad hoc Committees

  In order to accelerate the recruitment process, special committees form working groups to take care of the followings:

    A) academic qualification

    Special committees are formed under the supervision of faculty executive committee to determine whether applicants hold necessary academic qualification in terms of employment prospects.

    B) social qualification

    Some working groups are formed under the supervision of faculty executive committee to determine whether applicants hold social qualification.

    Secretariat head of faculty executive committee

    Social qualification staff

    Staff at the secretariat of faculty committee


    Addresses of Islamic Azad University branches in Kurdistan Province

  1.     Sanandaj Branch: P.O. Box 618-Pasdaran st. educational assistance- secretariat of faculty executive  committee Sanandaj-Kurdistan
  2.     Ghorveh Branch: Janbaz sq.- Educational Assistance- Seyed Jamaladin Boulvard- Ghorveh- Kurdistan
  3.     Saqqez Branch: Zip code: 66819-73477- Shahrake daneshgah- Saqqez- Kurdistan
  4.     Bijar Branch: P. O. Box 66515-356- opposite central branch of Mellat Bank- Shahid Ardalan st.- Bijar- Kurdistan
  5.    Marivan Branch: Marivan- Kurdistan



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