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The Faculty of Humanities was officially established in2004 and it has about 2549 students studying in different major programs including, PhD in 5 trends of management (Public management, system management, Human Resource management, Marketing and Financial management), PhD in 2 trends of Law (Criminal and General Law), and PhD in Accounting, History, Art and Philosophy. The M.A programs are also offered in Law (Criminal and Criminology and Private Law), Business Management in 9 trends (Financial, Marketing, Insurance, Change Management, International Business, E-Business, Internal Trade Management Entrepreneurship and Executive Management), Accounting and History in 2 trends( Islamic Persia and Ancient Persia). Also, there are M.A programs in Business management, Accounting and Law.

Faculty of Humanities is equipped with two computer sites. Site No.1 includes 18 computer systems and a video projector for educational purposes. This site is also equipped with tables for students using personal gadgets and laptops. Site No. 2 is equipped with 10 computer systems and a video projector. All three buildings are equipped with 6 access point devices to provide and cover wireless communications &networking in the entire faculty.

Dean of Faculty


Adel Salavati


Ph.D in Management




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