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A historical survey of social and economic changes indicates that manpower plays a crucial role in development of countries; therefore, investment in manpower seems to be the most important development tool. Accordingly, educational centers worldwide have an obligation to contribute to knowledge and increase manpower.

At home, Islamic Azad University takes on the obligation to provide efficient manpower as a part of its mission. Although established in 2003, faculty of Humanities at Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj branch started in 2005 as the first faculty of the university. Currently, there are 3500 students studying at the faculty of Humanities: the students major in Business Administration, Administrative management and Persian Literature at MA level, Business Administration, industrial management, Persian Literature, law, accounting, social science, economics at BA level, and accounting, office and banking affairs management at AA level. In addition, more than 170 faculty members and visiting professors teach students

Dean of Faculty











Heresh Soltanpanah


Ph.D in Management



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