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Personnel Training Office


Personnel training office aims at promoting the scientific level of the office staff and faculty members. This office is responsible for offering workshops and in-service courses, as well as retraining programs.


Administrative and Financial Assistant Message


University is a dynamic and innovative organization using human resources to create knowledge. IAUSDJ using Islamic Development Letter tries to develop and grow in regular pace. Administrative and Financial department is an official unit playing an important role in running and administrating university routines. This department is responsible to observe and operate regulations, manage all cash flows including tuitions and costs and make a reasonable parallel between expenditures and revenues. This unit, also, considers students, staff and faculty member's welfare and tries to provide a suitable condition for growing and development. IAUSDJ also tries to deploy the most recent technology to increase the level of education and knowledge creation.

Anvar Khosravi

Administrative and Financial Assistant


Anvar Khosravi





Director of Finance Affairs


Jamshid Rezakhanie
















Administrative and Financial Department's mission, policies and programs are all based on approved strategies. The main mission is to provide and allocate financial resources (revenues and expenditure), human resources, supply and procurement of materials, equipment and services, facilities, finance, welfare and services.


ü  Organizing and financing to increase productivity

ü  Relying on scientific and technical capacity to increase income and financial resources

ü  Making policies to optimize and adjust costs

ü  Evaluating and supervising human resources in order to increase employee's productivity and maintain administrative disciplines

ü  Unremitting evaluation and revision of employee's performance by a precise evaluation system

ü  Providing facilities and services to faculty members and staff

ü  Cooperating with public and private organizations to expand areas of cooperation




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