Ongoing Conferences and Seminars


2nd National Conference on Economic Development and Regional Planning

10 Jun. 2012

Women's health


1 March 2012

1st International Congress on Econometrics (Methods and Applications)

7 Sep. 2012

New character, modern life


10 May 2012

National Conference on Imam Khomeini (Peace Upon Him): University and the excellence of moral


28 May 2012

2nd National Free Robotics Competition of Kurdistan


3 Dec. 2012











Conducted conferences and seminars

1st seminar on malignancies in children and adults


2nd  national conference enteric pathogens

Regional conference on Hakim  Nezami and his Masterpiece Panj Ganje

Regional Conference on progress domestication models in higher education

National Conference on new approaches in medical education

1st regional conference on youth and spirituality in modern communications (Sama Schools)

Conference on cultural visage in Kurdistan National



3rd  English department meeting on theoretical principles of translation

Physical Education and Sport department  meeting on challenges of sport management

IAUSDJ conference on Mawlana Jalaluddin Balkhi’s ideas

IAUSDJ conference of mechanical engineering department

IAUSDJ conference of industrial engineering

4th National Conference on Urban Development

1st seminar on biology


IAUSDJ conference on analysis of aspects of management in Kurdistan province

Scientific meeting on the boundary between intentional & non-intentional murder: focusing on the Supreme Court verdicts

IAUSDJ meeting on home and family management

IAUSDJ conference on unemployment in Iran: focusing on the Kurdistan province

IAUSDJ seminar on (R) & Chameleon models in describing the expansion of universe

IAUSDJ scientific meeting on the future of religion and contemporary religious movements

Appreciation form and content of Rubaiyat Khayyam

IAUSDJ conference of Architecture department

Employment and its influence on market share


2nd meeting on modern addictions and drug abuse

IAUSDJ seminar on policies in health system



3rd IAUSDJ scientific meeting of chemistry department

1st seminar on appreciation of holy war poetry

2nd IAUSDJ conference of Chemistry

IAUSDJ seminar on study of unemployment and false employment in Kurdistan province

11th national conference of Iranian Society of Consulting on cultural and ethical challenges in counseling

IAUSDJ conference on generation gap and youth social behavior

IAUSDJ conference on the role of visual communication on cultural and economic development of Kurdistan province


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