Young Researchers Club

Young researchers club was formed in 1998 with a special permission from Dr Jasebi, former chancellor of Islamic Azad University, to accomplish research purposes on the campus. Young researchers club was started in the fall of 1999 with top member students and professors to fulfill research purposes on the campus.

Young Researchers Club Managers (in order of appointment)

  • Mosleh Tohidi
  • Amir Asad Nasrizar
  • Erfan Momenpour
  • Seyed Reza Ebrahimi
  • Amjad Zare’ei
  • Borhan Shokrollahi
  • Sabrieh Amini


  • Record holder in Macaroni Bridge Contests and taking first place in the 3rd national Macaroni Bridge Contest in June of 2006
  • Taking first place in Macaroni Bridge Contest at 5th national conference on technical engineering at Islamic Azad University, Kashan branch
  • Taking first place in 6th Electricity Festival at Kharazmi University in the fall of 2004
  • Taking second place in 6th Persian Literature Festival at Kharazmi University-fall of 2004
  • Taking second place in 6th Biology Festival at Kharazmi University-fall of 2004
  • Holding the title of superior researcher in 2003
  • Taking fourth place at international Robocup-2007
  • Receiving two silver medals in Inventio& Inovation Festival in Hungary-2006
  • Holding the title of superior researcher in 2006
  • Receiving an honorary diploma in ITEX Festival in Malaysia-2006
  • Taking third place in 11th national Koranic Softwares Competitions-2004 
  • Presenting research papers in a conference in Spain (Babak Roshani)
  • Publishing 13 research papers in scientific journals (Rahmat Sadeqi)
  • Publishing 2 research papers in scientific journals (Payman Mahmoudi)
  • Publishing 2 research papers in both foreign and local scientific journals each
  • Presenting research papers in international conference on Molavi Kurd (Erfan Momenpour-2005)
  • Presenting research papers in national conference on agriculture engineering (Keivan Zaman-2006)
  • Presenting papers in national construction development (Erfan Momenpour-2006)
  • Presenting papers in national conference on construction development (Naseh Yousefi-2006)
  • Presenting papers in regional congress on Earth Science (Erfan Momenpour-2006)
  • Presenting papers in a conference on research week at Islamic Azad university, Sanandaj branch (Laleh Salavati-Nafe’e Moradi, Parviz Golpasandi- Erfan Momenpour- Shelir Banafshi- Avat Shokoufa- Bashir Mokhtarpooriani- Nasim Yazdan Parast- Behrouz Ebrahim Abadi- Aram Fatehi- Somayeh Eftekhari-Houshyar Naseri- Farhad Menbari- Ramyar Mirza’ee- Diako Partoandazan-Kajhal Fadakar- Saba Khavarian Moghadam- Arman YarAli- Ebad Rouhi-2005)
  • Meeting with deputy Supreme leader His eminence Mousavi in the 31st anniversary of Islamic Revolution
  • Presenting a paper at international conference on management in Romania (Nariman Abdi-2009)
  • Receiving a gold medal at international Olympiad of Technopol Moscow (Kia jadidi-2009)

Registered Inventions

  • Smart accident-proof bumper (Firouz Mafakheri)
  • Concrete building Robot (Erfan Momenpour)
  • Linear coefficient of expansion measuring device using Hydrostatic system (Farzin Asadi)
  • Spark Generator ( Farzin Asadi)
  • Automatic Clutch system (Firouz mafakheri& Kiam Nasri)
  • Cooling Thermodynamic system for vehicles (Firouz Mafakheri& Kiam Nasri)
  • Smart filing system (Firouz mafakheri& Kiam Nasri)
  • Oxygen generator using electromagnetic waves ( keivan Sadeqi)
  • Transistor remote control (keivan Sadeqi)
  • Smart electrician meter for online transmission of data to operator ( keivan Sadeqi)
  • Multipurpose meter for wireless transmission ( Keivan Sadeqi)
  • Device for converting vehicle electricity to home electricity (Kamiar kazemi)
  • Smart device for fuel cards (Kamiar Kazemi)
  • Remote control for house electric equipment (Kamiar Kazemi)

Academic Record of Kurdistan Young Researchers Club

  • 30 members
  • 25 membership applications to be considered
  • 11 research projects to be carried out


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