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One of the indices of social development is efficient manpower. Countries with highly efficient manpower will be capable of creativity, innovation and initiative. Students as human assets and their education and welfare are of overriding importance; therefore, Student Assistance becomes an essential department in a university the staff of which devotes their efforts to provide efficient service including physical education, counseling-self-service-accommodation and graduation.

Office: Student Assistance

Staff: Dr. Arash Sayari

Telephone: 087-33289431

Address: POB: 618-Student Assistance-Pasdaran ST.













Duties & Responsibilities

ü  extra curricular activities, physical education and student welfare

ü  planning student welfare programs in compliance with the regulations

ü  introducing and enforcing regulations of student affairs

ü  planning and implementing student accommodation programs

ü  enlightening the staff regarding their duties and responsibilities

ü  enlightening students regarding all academic, artistic and sports activities

ü  cooperation with Department of Military Affairs regarding conscripts

ü  reporting the activities of Student Affairs back to the Dean of the college

ü  reporting budget proposals, manpower shortage and other inadequacies back to the Dean of the college




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