Food court

Staff: Heidar Ali Vakili

Telephone: 0871-3288661-3

Office building: central department- Faculty of Sciences-bottom floor

Duties& Responsibilities

The staff at food court serve food according to food orders by students on a weekly basis. Also, a variety of food is available including mined meat stew, Ghormeh Sabzi, barberry rice, rice& fish, Spanich Rice, Kebab& roasted chicken.

There are several food courts on the campus:

      1)      central department: 4 food courts with a seating capacity of 300 males and 80 females and one for faculty members and staff with a seating capacity of 100.

2)      Faculty of Humanities: two food courts for both males and females, each with a seating capacity of 200.

3)      Faculty of Agriculture: two food courts for both males and females, each with a seating capacity of 200.

4)      Imam Komeini Educational Institute with food courts for both male and female students and staff

Food Court Hours: every day 11.30 a.m.- 2 p.m.

Meal plan

Students can purchase meal plans online. They just have to submit a request to Student Affairs for a food service discount card. Meals can be bought at 4000 Rials per meal to be deposited into account number 01057718 at Melli Bank, university branch.


1)      Students- foreign students can use food court upon submitting copy of student card, completed form for issuing a food service discount card and depositing 40000 Rials into account number 0105771836005 at Melli Bank, university branch.

2)      Faculty members: submitting the Personnel certificate, faculty members can use food court.

3)      Staff: submitting the Personnel Certificate, staff can use food court.

4)      Guests: submitting a certificate by Student Affairs, guests can use food court on the campus.


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