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Faculty of Technical Engineering

Dean of Faculty of Technical Engineering: Dr. Arastoo Hedayatnasab

Dr. Arastoo Hedayatnasab














Message of the Dean

Faculty of technical engineering at Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj branch has always served the purpose of scientific and technical development at local and regional level. Currently, its graduates are employed in companies and state organizations. Furthermore, there has been an increase in technical majors which is considered of importance as far as needs of society and future students are concerned. Faculty of technical engineering has also made use of laboratory facilities and efficient professors, financed research projects, been ranked at national and international competitions, and prepared the ground for the faculty graduates to receive higher education.

Educational assistance of technical engineering faculty

Duties & Responsibilities

ü  -educational services

ü  -execution of university regulations

ü  -decision-making over educational issues

ü  -quantitative and qualitative development of educational services

ü  -supervising and coordinating educational services by all educational developments on the campus

Students at faculty of technical engineering are majoring in construction, mechanical, architectural, industrial, informational technology, chemistry and electricity engineering.

Staff at faculty of technical engineering

  • Efat Ebnrasouli as the educational head
  • Ronak Feizbakhsh as the expert of mechanical engineering and construction engineering-sewage and water
  • Aso Javidan as the expert of industrial engineering-industrial production, planning and system analysis
  • Shaida Karimi as the expert of chemical engineering
  • Fatima Nodinian as the expert of mechanical engineering-fluids and solids
  • Hashem Zand
  • Nasrin Nasrollahi as the expert of architecture and electricity
  • Shaida Ataei as the expert of construction engineering
  • Soheila Arabzadeh as the expert of informational technology engineering
  • Yadollah Ahmadi as the staff at filing office
  • Mehran Nazdar as the graduate affairs expert
  • Mohsen Kiamehr as the graduate affairs expert

Staff at Research Service Offices

v  Fayegh Zaheri as the head of research services

v  Ayoub Mozafari as the staff at strength of materials lab and welding workshop

v  Saleh Elahimanesh as the expert at concrete-mechanical lab of soil and construction materials

v  Gholamhasan Nourali as the expert of mapping workshop

v  Ramin Muhammadi Ghasriani as the supervisor at mechanical and industrial steel-framed building and expert of automechanic, machinery, dynamics workshop

v  Ronak Jobra’eili as the expert at chemistry lab

v  Mahshid Sahafi as the expert at physics lab



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