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Looking at the history of development at Islamic Azad University, one notices a big change which becomes more tangible at local branches: the university buildings and classrooms. In most cities, university buildings have been erected in ways that are immediately noticed, and as a result, they have changed the view of the city.

At first, the university was facing the problem of education al space. Besides, there was a dire need of adequate budget and facilities as more students entered the university.

Gradually, more buildings were erected and adequate educational space was created.

Compared to earlier years, the university has made impressive progress.

IAUSDJ couldn’t afford to buy a land or a building. Of course, the spiritual importance of education and consistent efforts made by university officials were causing problems to be resolved and greatly contributing to develop of educational campus. Gradually, buildings were built one after another, and the current status of university campus is considerably developed, especially after construction of Imam Complex. IAUSDJ is not comparable with the early years in educational buildings and campus. It has changed so significantly both in quality and quantity that the progress seems incredible from eye of a witness.

Duties & Responsibilities

-development and building project management

-maintenance service on water, electricity and communications

-producing periodic report on efficiency of operations

-providing staff with training and in-service training and division of labor

-offering expert advice on the property to be purchased by the university

-planning repair work and maintenance of all the campus buildings and facilities

Policies& Objectives

Office of Designing& Execution

-appointing the head

-carried out projects

-projects to be carried out




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