Internal Security

“Today, taking action against conspiracies aiming at weakening unity among Muslims is the most urgent priority. The only solution is deep insight, Basij spirit, looking to the future and careful selection of essential elements”.

(Quoted from the Supreme leader of the Islamic Revolution)

“Security” literally means being safe. “Internal Security” is a department within each organization and responsible for maximum security of that organization.

Also, Internal Security has an obligation to apply Islamic Revolution principles to all organizations and notify competent authorities regarding any violations.

Staff at Campus Internal Security

Head of the Internal Security: Ahmad Safiri

Track Record

- Kurdistan authorized agent of Assembly men for 6 years

- head of Department for Social Development at Baneh Governor General’s Office for 2 years

- head of the Internal Security at Chainstore Headquarters in Kurdistan province for 5 years

-president of Aseman Airline Company in Kurdistan province for 6 years

-head of the Internal Security at Housing& Urban Development Organization in Kurdistan Province for 2 years

-administrative& financial staff for the guardian Council in Kurdistan province for 20 months

-IKRC employee for 6 months

Expert at Campus Internal Security: Muhammad Mehdi Rostami

Duties& Responsibilities

-membership of the campus selection committee

-membership of campus finance committee

-cooperation with the campus Examinations Department

-cooperation with Kurdistan Municipality regarding cultural issues

-advertising the Islamic Revolution principles and Basij spirit

-overcoming anti-Islamic prejudice on the campus

-building trust among university students, professors and staff 

-discussing strong and weak points of the organization and establishing policies aiming at overcoming inefficiencies

-fulfilling duties and carrying out executive orders

-close cooperation with authorities regarding accomplishment of organizational objectives, and building trust

-building an increased awareness of the Internal Security and producing evidence in case of any action

-creating a healthy environment to boost efficiency and build trust on the campus

-using “enjoy the right and forbid the wrong” motto on the campus

Internal Security Charter

-observing the regulations and fostering a culture of responsibility and law-abidingness

-providing job security for managers and staff

-serving clients

-preserving the confidentiality of the staff

-recruiting staff based on meritocracy

-cooperation with authorities to accomplish organizational objectives

-organizational pathology

-appropriate punishment on grounds of misconduct

-planning based on modern technology

-ensuring accuracy ad increasing urgency in discussing received reports and giving formal notification

-emphasizing efficiency, decisiveness and responsibility

Summery of Duties& Responsibilities

-selecting recruits

-ensuring confidentiality in matters

-appointing security advisors for managers

-taking action on grounds of misconduct

-banning anti-government movements

-imposing security regulations

-close surveillance of the staff and clients



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