Islamic Azad University (IAUSDJ) Perspectives

(IAUSDJ) Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj branch adopts a perspective to contributing to science, becoming a scientific pole in the region, pursuing our ideals and entering into new scientific fields.

The University Mission

The mission of the university is to prepare the ground for scientific developments, encourage creativity, create a happy atmosphere and improve the quality of campus life. Furthermore, the university believes that it is possible to improve academic services, prepare the ground for research and encourage industrial development with the help of efficient manpower and new academic technical equipment. The university is also determined to create an identity for the students, faculty members, staff and the institute itself. In addition, fee is the only source of income for the university, so it is intending to provide new sources of income to be used for academic research and cultural purposes.

The University’s Key Objectives

1)      widespread fame as a top-ranking university

2)      entering into new scientific and technological fields

3)      improving academic services

4)      preparing the ground for academic research

5)      encouraging creativity and scientific innovation

6)      improving the quality of campus life

7)      promotion of faculty members

8)      cherishing human and Islamic values on the campus

9)      efficient management of campus financial resources and allocation of new resources

10)  postgraduate studies

11)  relationships with other universities at national and international levels

12)  steadily improving level of satisfaction of students, faculty members and staff

13)  designing a comprehensive website for the university

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