Public Relations Office (IAUSDJ)

Duties& Responsibilities since 2005

-promotion of public relations office, opening and equipping ANA news agency, ISKA News and Farhikhtegan office with computers, telephones, fax machine, color printer

- installing urban advertising billboards and placards

-installing two billboards on Pasdaran St. for 24-hour advertising

-color printing services and full HD video camera (for the first time in Kurdistan Province) and the latest equipment for conferences and ceremonies

-establishing an amphitheater in Faculty of Humanities

-contributing to the first book of introducing (IAUSDJ) Islamic Azad University, Sanandaj branch (Tolou)

Contribution to Media Events

1)      publishing news headlines and reports in Farhikhtegan, Afarinesh, Jamejam, Hamshahri and Sirvan- contributing to news event on local channels

2)      correspondence with media and authorities

3)      making programs about the university running for over 45 minutes to be shown on local channels- making arrangements with IRIB for university chancellor’s occasional TV appearance

4)      making programs about Fajr Decade to be shown on TV

Contribution to Conferences, Festivals& Fairs

1)      attending the first international symposium on public –Tehran

2)      attending the first festival of superior public relations offices in private sector ( Tehran, September 2006)

3)      attending the 3rd and 4th international conferences on public relations (Tehran, November 2006)

4)      attending the first conference on Islamic Media Convergence

5)      holding fairs in Sanandaj Didgah Park attended by all organizations and departments of Kurdistan Province ( for the first time) in 2006

6)      holding fairs in the 2nd national festivals of superior public relations offices in cooperative and private sectors in Tehran (for the first time), October 15th & 16th 2009

7)      attending Simorgh Exhibition and being appreciated by Kurdistan Governor General

Staff at Public Relations Office: Daryoush Rashednasab


1)      appointed as public relations and advertising secretary at the university, district 11

2)      appointed as a member of public relations and advertising Supreme Council at the central department of Islamic Azad University

3)      appointed as superior manager in the first meeting of public relations authorities at Islamic Azad University, Science& Research branch

4)      receiving a gratitude plate in the 2nd national festival of public relations in private and cooperative sectors

5)      appointed as superior manager in the meeting of public relations authorities at Islamic Azad University-Tehran 2008

6)      appointed as superior manager in the first supreme council of public relations and advertising -2009

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