Introducing Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery (obstetrics) 

School of Nursing & Midwifery, IAUSDJ was established in 1994 with the permission of the Ministry of Health and Medical Education. This school accepts students in nursing and midwifery through national entrance exam for Islamic Azad University. In 2000, assessments done by Ministry of Health and Medical Education on behalf of office of organizations and methods of Islamic Azad University and were found positive and this school was elevated to faculty with two departments of nursing and midwifery containing 405 students, 16 full-time faculty and 22 freelance instructor.

 We try to accomplish our ideals in the field of education, research and nursing services to maintain the traditional values ​​of Islam and strengthen self-reliance utilizing the latest technology and new methods of training. We hope that our aims and efforts promote students' academic excellence and prosperity in the country to provide a healthy society. As health is one of the main parts of the human right, its promotion, fortification and improvement to the highest level are the main tasks of nurses and midwives.

Dean of Faculty

Kave Bahmanpour




Office Number







 The faculty aims at attracting and accepting students from around the country and training them to gain knowledge, insight, and interpersonal skills as well as ability to obtain health services skills from primary care to provide the most advanced techniques and skills of nursing utilizing the highest standard of care appropriate to the changing needs of society, and providing the best facilities for nursing services – obstetrics. We also try to use abilities of teachers and students working in health and education to provide health service to communities in an extensive level.

School facilities

1 - library with more than 2698 copies of books in Persian and 474 copies of books in English, 11 international journals in English and 24 scientific publications in Persian. Persian and English books are arranged in LC and NLM classification system respectively while the library is run in open shelf system allowing students to have free access to all publications.

2- Faculty has a computer site equipped with 7 computers and a central printer. Using the technology of optical fiber link, this site provides a free access of all students to Rose net and other 12 useful database centers.

3- There is an Audio - visual center placed in the main building containing  309 educational CD, 1280 slides, and a notebook.

4- Laboratory and clinical skills operating hall has 2 main halls and equipped with  22 training Mannequin and different kinds types of equipment used in health caring. The laboratories of physiology, anatomy and biochemistry are used in share with the Faculty of Science.

5- Faculty has eight classrooms with a capacity of 400 seats. Half of the classes are equipped with educational facilities like video projectors, slides, P.C and other necessary apparatus used in teaching nursing. 

Nursing Mission and Goals

(Department of Nursing, Surgery and Child Health Nursing, Psychology and Management)

Objectives: Training devoted, qualified, and caring nurses based on scientific principles of nursing and societies' health care requirements to care for, maintain and promote health in society.

Overall goals:

to train competent experts in health care and nursing profession

Detailed goals:

1-      Obtaining necessary technical information required in designing, planning and technical and professional services based on the principles of nursing process.

2-      Learning effective communication skills, necessary information abouttraining, guidance and consulting patients, clients and their families.

3-      Obtaining information required in the design, planning and strategies to prevent disease and promote community health.

4-      Obtaining information about management principles to administrate and manage the health care centers.

5-      Orientating with research activities to enhance the quality of nursing services.

6-      Finding stimulation and interest for continue studies and to find jobs in nursing

7-     Finding positive attitude toward professional nursing services to patients and their families.

8-      Accepting the importance of education, guidance and advice to patients and their. families

9-     Persuading the ability of team working and employing strategies to prevent epidemics.

10- Preparing students to accept management posts in government health centers.

11- Creating interest in students to participate and cooperate in research activities.

12- Acquiring skills needed for professional services- based on principles of professional nursing procedure









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